Phone repair Tutorial-Nokia firmware downgrade with JAF and USB

This tutorial is how to do the flashing in this downgrading on nokia mobile phone without using any hardware Flasher.

What is needed in this tutorial is flashing software (in this case JAF), congenital data cable, a software emulator that can emulate hardware Flasher box before, and your courage to do the flashing.

 any way used to make modifications to the Flash ROM nonetheless there is a risk that would arise such as brick on your handphone.

Without more broadly at length below is a tutorial step by step to perform downgrading the firmware nokia

1) Download and install the required programs on your PC (recommended os pc with Windows XP Service Pack 3)

JAF.1.98.62--->> _http://rapidshare.com/files/186146404/JAF.1.98.62.rar
This program has been accompanied by Flasher JAF box emulation program, but recommended using the latest version of the emulator can be found here-->>_http://www.4shared.com/file/81442708/ebe4209e/OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v4.html

2) Download the firmware you need from
this site, or you can search via google, or use NaviFirm (Credits goes to Sapie05)

3) Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable congenital

4) Run the emulator JAF box,

In step 1, select Random Raskal PKEY SN

In step 2, select the JAF (main)
Click the GO tab (selected LAUNCHED EXE)

5) The program will run automatically JAF

Select BB5 tab

In the section Flash settings, check the options that you want to do in this case downgrade the firmware, then check the box downgrade
and uncheck the box normal
In the Operation section, click the tab INF and CHK
In Phone Mode section, click the tab? (Question mark)

6) After the firmware and your phone mode is identified, click on the FLASH tab on the Operation section for the process of flashing

7) Wait for the flashing process runs automatically until finished (done), then you've succeeded in doing flashing on your mobile phone

This tutorial was tested on my mobile phone with some good, but still there is risk of failure at the flashing process


Install Nokia Flashing Cable Driver and Nokia Service Tool Drivers beforehand if JAF can not detect your phone

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