Charging problem solution for Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616

This solution shows the complete line paths of Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 charging circuit connections that can be used for repairing charging problem issues on the device such as, Not charging, Charging no response when inserted or it does not show charging indication when a charger is being plug-in.

Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 Not Charging Solution  ( circuit connection line paths )

Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 charging ways

Repair Procedure on Nokia 1800 and Noki1616 not charging problem.
procedure below may varies accordingly from case to case basis.

1. Check the charging pin connector if its free from dirt and corrosion. Clean it if corroded or  find a replacement spare on it then replace it.

2. Check and clean the charging pin connector terminal contact pads.

3. Check the chip fuse if it is busted or damaged by using a multimeter. If found damaged, check the chip diode if shorted. Replace both of it the don't apply jumper on the chip fuse, this method can still save the phone in the future, if you apply jumper on it directly the phone will be dead if a short circuit happen on that particular area again and other than that, it's so very unprofessional way.
You can easily find a replacement of this spare parts component to other non working PCB board.

4. Check all the  components remaining as shown on the solution picture, a resistor marked R2200 is a fusible resistor which has a value of 0.55 ohms. This resistance value consider as fusible and may easily break or cut if a short circuit has occurs like a water damaged devices.

5. Those  transistor shown in the solution image  is the voltage regulator that holds and control the charging voltage from the battery charger. The small one has six legs on it and the other one which the big has three legs, just refer to the PCB board layout of your device for the exact component layout.
replace both of it if not so familiar to check those components.

6. The last part needs adequate experience to perform if all of the above does not solve the problem,
Take note: you may do this at your own risk.. just don't do it if your just a beginner or you may end up killing the phone.  re-flowing and reworking the X-gold 110 chip needs extra care and proper training

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