Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v1.00 Android 6572/6575/6577/6582/6583/6589/8312

Chinese Miracle-2 (Release) MTK/MediaTek v1.00 released
MTK Android Support (6572/6575/6577/6582/6583/6589/8312)
- New features and models support released :
.Support new CPU: MediaTek MT6572, MT6575, MT6577, MT6582, MT6583, MT6589, MT8312
.Support FlashSize/Types: eMMC only (up to 32 GB tested)

.Read Info/Check
.Read Flash (FullFlash)
.Write Flash (FullFlash)
.Format FileSystem (Reset Settings): UDA (UserData), Cache

Other: http://goo.gl/ZEGJ23
.Full firmware info extraction: version, model, branding and etc.
.Safe Format, backup/restore

- Improved http://goo.gl/ZEGJ23
.MTK 625A: Format FS, Flash Write improved http://goo.gl/ZEGJ23
.Safe Reset User Code (without data lost) improved for MT6260 and MT625A
.Flash File verify during Read/Write operation added
.Initial Boot improved
.Fixed some other minor errors

- Official download link: server1 download area

Important: http://goo.gl/ZEGJ23
- Smart-Card should be updated to version 01.28 !
- Use latest DongleManager software to update your Smart-Card firmware: http://server1.infinity-box.com/download/_files_public/DongleManager.rar

- Only users with active Support can update Smart-Card to v01.28
- Yes, we understand that many people have tested Chinese-Miracle-2 (Test Version) and they have reported bugs ans problems.
So we have extended support period (+ 1.5 months) for users who have 30 days ago expired support.

Test reports:
- Please post test reports (operation log text) with Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v1.00 in current thread or here Chinese Miracle-2 (Release) Reports: MTK/MediaTek

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