Blackberry 9700 Memory Card Ways Solution

Blackberry 9700 Memory Card Ways Solution Jumpers

Blackberry 9700 Mmc Jumper Solution
BB 9700 Memory Card Ways Repair
Blackberry 9700 Memory Card Not Working Problem
This solution covers for hardware level of repair for Blackberry 9700 Memory Card Problem and Also you will find Blackberry 9700 Memory Card Ways and Jumpers information in the diagrams further in this article.
Memory Card not found.
Not able to store data in MMC.
MMC not accessible.
Not able to read MMC.
Manual Solution
Remove and reinsert memory card and check.
Go into settings and check memory card status.
Check with any other good memory card and check.
Scan memory card for viruses from your PC and check.
Verify proper action of memory card slot spring, as if it is damaged then your phone won’t read your memory card. In this case replace entire Memory card assembly.
If everything else fails then format your memory card.
Hardware Solution for BB9700 Memory card problem
Pull up Bb 9700 memory card circuit contacts with the help of a pin to ensure that memory card socket contacts connect with memory card’s contacts.
Re-solder all the pins of memory card slot.
Re-solder on-board connector of MMC Card and check.
Check above mentioned Memory card track ways. If you find any problem or broken any ways then apply jumper.

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