Huawei Y220-U10 Flash Tool And Flash File Download

Gett ing to know your phone
Thank you for choosing the HUAWEI smartphone.
First, let's take a look at a few basics:
Press and hold the power button to power on your phone.
After your phone is powered up, you can use the power button
to turn the screen off and on. http://goo.gl/U6GqcG

Clearing the Memory Space
When receiving a memory warning popped up by the system,
be sure to promptly clean up the memory to keep your mobile
phone normal. If you ignore the prompt to cont inue using, the
system will stay in the memory clean interface and some key
funct ions will be locked unt il the memory space cleared to a
safe range. Permanent irreversible damage of the phone will
be caused if you insist on the operat ion


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