iPhone 4 Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth Problem Jumper Solution

iPhone 4 Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth Not Working Problem Jumper Solution
Following are the set of problems as well as solutions of iPhone 4 Bluetooth WI-FI problem.
iPhone 4 Wifi Not Working Problem Solution
iPhone 4 Wi-fi Network Jumper Ways Repair
iPhone 4 Signal Weak Or Low Problem Solution
Wi-fi Problems
iPhone 4 Network not found.
Router not found.
Data packets not transferring.
Wi-Fi keeps on disconnecting.
Weak signals.
Manual Solution
Remove and reinsert battery and check.
Toggle between WI–Fi ON & OFF settings.
Reset Router.
Software Update.
Factory reset.
Hardware Solution
iPhone 4 Wifi Antenna
Clean Wi-Fi antenna contact.
Iphone 4s WiFi Problem Heat or Change FL10_RF As Shown in Diagram Below
Samsung S7562 Wifi Antenna contact pin

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