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Iphone 5 Mic Jumper Ways
iPhone 5 Mic Solution
iPhone 5 Microphone problem RepairiPhone 5 is surely new in this market, but you can encounter problems with it due to any of the reasons. One of the most common problems faced by i Phone 5 users is the microphone issue which normally arises due to water damage or moisture. In this type of problem you can hear the voice of others on call, while they are not able to hear you.
To solve this problem, all you have to do is to:
Dry your iPhone 5 with a tissue paper to eliminate any visible traces of water or moisture.
Remove battery
Clean all the openings (Headphone port, Charging port etc.) with the help of Cleaning Brush in order to eliminate all possible traces of water and moisture completely.
MIC not working while making or receiving calls
(Only Working with Sound Recorder)
MIC not working at all.
Captures Low Sound.
Distortion in VoiceHere are some of the Manual and Hardware solution of IPhone 5 MIC problem:
Manual Solution
Go into your iPhone 5 settings and check Volume Level.
Go into record options, record Sound and Check.
Replace the MIC if u have new mic in hand. if u don’t have no problem just remove the MIC & apply jumper and fix wire mic also.
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