Iphone 5s Battery Draining Too Fast Problem Solution

IPhone 5S solution to the problem is not charging Draning problem.Battery

Model: A1533 iPhone 5S
However, the battery is going to meet up after charging a fully charged battery, new battery does not charge for mole phone.
Methods: trying to clean up the charge, but no luck Logicbord new iOS, new battery, Flex load change.
Succesfull way: just compensation (U2) IC to change the phone is working perfect

See this image

A clear signal to the first step in trying corrosion corrosion to face, when exposed to water or water in good condition, charger connector checks the physical condition. Clearly, the problem is not resolved. The second step is to try. DOWNLOAD ANDROID
Jumpers in the picture above as a charger Lines, is divided over the second step, to check it out in the picture. This carefully to avoid short. good luck

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