Tutorial How to Upgrade HTC One Max to Android 5.0 Lollipop

The company produces a maximum of 12 nights and you use this tutorial to successfully install this particular device, the CyanogenMod has received its very own.
CM 12 Night Download Android 5.0.2 Lollipop 'and you start the installation process is based on the guidelines will need to take a look. The CyanogenMod team by 12 Nightlies added features and functions of the Minister want to learn more about, please check here.
Here is what you need to know the tutorial section of this post:
HTC is a guide only a maximum 'T6 ",.
- You will find in this post, with any other devices that file is not updated.
Updates on your phone and the body M / TWRP rooted custom recovery to be run.
- That's so, this custom recovery installed, make sure to upgrade, Android, supports the 5.x room.
nandroid backup and factory reset: two additional preparation steps, "What part of this post will find.
- NANDROID ROM you have a full backup device, the new ROM boot in normal mode for a restore point allows you to set can not be used in this case.
- All files that were installed with the system's memory, factory reset, wipe clean to apply the ROM.
- Does not have any internal storage for data wipe process 'factory reset'.
If you want to save the file, install SMS text messages or other data, then the Android can do to try to use helium.   FOR MORE
- The data account that you have set your device to sync with Gmail contacts can be.
To charge the phone's battery level before installing a new ROM, make sure that more than 50%, as this will save the device during installation to shutdown.
This guide bricks, for advanced users is collected any data file may not lose the case in terms of the phone's firmware.
Guide to read and leave no steps


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