How to flash Samsung S5380K With Multiloader

How to flash Samsung S5380K With Multiloader When I flash the Samsung S5380 with Z3X it gives some error and stuck on Samsung Logo, then again flash with Multi Loader and now it's working fine. The below is the procedure to flash the Samsung S5380K. gsmnext
Samsung S5380K with flashing with Multiloader_V5_67 is solved the restart problem.

Download Multiloader_V5_67
Download Samsung S5380 Firmware (S5380KDDLC4) gsmnext

How to flash S5380K with Multiloader_V5_67

Open The Multiloader_V5_67

Select the BRCM2153 (Click on Radio Button to select)

Tick the Full Download

Boot = Give the Bootfiles path (Bootfiles folder)

Amss = amss.bin

Apps = apps_compressed.bin

Rsrc1 = Rsrc_S5380K_India_ODD.rc1

Rsrc2 = Rsrc2_S5380K(Mid).rc2

Factory FS = FacrotyFs_S5380K_India_ODD.ffs

SHP APP = ShpApp.app

CSC = CSC_S5380K_India_ODD.csc

FOTA = bplib_S5380KOpIndiaCommon.fota

Put the Samsung S5380K in to Download Mode (Vol - + Home + Power Button)
Click on Port Search
Now Click on Download


Samsung Flash with Multiloader_V5_67 S5380K

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