Asansam box version 2.6.5 Setup Download

Asansambox All in One 1.1.1 and Qcn tools 1.1.5 Released We Returned Again

Asansam box 2.6.5 Released

Unofficial support site  By Welcome Zone Haldwani

We Returned Again

A Little Change for BIG Change(GUI)

QCN Reader Writer Rev 1.1.5 Released


Activation Diag mode for android 5.x. 


One click Reset msl

for direct unlock(reset msl)you no need any root or knox rm
Reset msl need for direct Write cert
before write cert do reset msl

Read here carefully

About Asansam.exe,Asanqcn.exe

As you should know we are not updating asansam.exe for several month instead we release one new exe file asanqcn.exe beside asansam.exe Thats because we are encounter some technical problem in asansam.exe so we decide to add new options to new exe file and this is temporary please be patient very soon we release our new gui with minimum bug and so reliable to use

About Hua Donlge section:
hua dongle moved to Hard/Software Products (official support)and renamed to huabox :-)


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We Returned Again


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