Infinity Chinese Miracle 2 MTK Mediatek v 1.29 Setup Download

Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.29 - MTK67xx New Security SPUnlock! More CPUs, Extra and Repair features

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MTK SP Platform 

- MediaTek MT6735/MT8735 new revision ID supported

- USB Flashing improved
Flash Engine revised

- Firmware reading improved
FW Reader revised
SPFT compatibility improved for latest CPUs
Brand-specific improvements
Autodetection improved
"Encrypted" phones FW reading support (in combination with ExtRepair feature)

- SP Unlock improved
- MT67xx New Security phones support activated!
Allow make "Read Codes" operation on new security - WorldFirst!
Allow make "Direct unlock" operation on new security - WorldFirst!

New models supported:
Alcatel 4027X (Pixi3 4.5) - Direct Unlock
Alcatel 5017X (Pixi3 4.5) - Direct Unlock

- Repair Security improved
MT67xx changes and improvements

- Repair ExtData feature released - WorldFirst!
- Allow Fix damaged EXT partitions!
Fix "Bad EXTData" error during Factory FW reading
Fix "Hang/Stuck" on Boot logo*
*only in case of damaged user partitions, when "Format FS" not help
Fix/Format/Repair "FS Encrypted" Phones
Supported platforms:
MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6580/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6595/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC

- Format FS revised
"Backup" operation for SP phones removed. Not need anymore.

- MT6571/MT6572 NAND support revised
No need make "Identify" before opeartion for most phones
Format FS revised
PatternLock reading improved
NVRAM operations revised

- Other
FlashInit revised for all supported platforms
Some bugfixes and improvements

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