Smart Clip 2 Software v 1.12.07 Setup Download

Smart Clip2 Software v1.12.07 is out! 

In this version of Smart-Clip2 we've added support for new Alcatel smartphones 
and lots of others popular devices. 
Update your Smart-Clip2 software and explore new possibilities right away!

1. We have expanded the list of devices that support Yoda method with the following models: 

♦ Explay Fresh (MT6582)
♦ QMobile i10 (MT6582)
♦ LOGICOM L-EMENT 350 (MT6572)
♦ Lenovo A5000 (MT6582)
♦ Nyx Orbit (MT6582)
♦ NATCOM NH003 (MT6572)
♦ OlĂ© MP145 (MT6572)
♦ Sunny S52D (MT65XX)
♦ TCL DL750 (MT6572)
♦ Verykool Gazelle S4010t (MT6572)
♦ Yezz Andy AC5EI (MT6572)
♦ Wiko STAIRWAY (MT6589)

2. New MTK phones have been added to the list of supported devices:

♦ Q Mobile B-60 (MT6260)
♦ Q Mobile E-60 (MT6260)

3. 15 new Alcatel smartphones have been added to MTK Calculator 
(unlock via IMEI and PID):
♦ OT-4003 / OT-4003J
♦ OT-4013
♦ OT-4014
♦ OT-4027 / OT-4027D / OT-4027N
♦ OT-4028
♦ OT-5015 / OT-5015E
♦ OT-6043D
♦ OT-7147 / OT-7147E
♦ OT-8030B
♦ OT-9002
We've added 3195 new PIDs for all supported MTK smartphones.

4. The following Qualcomm models have been added to the list of supported:
♦ Rivo Phantom PZ10
♦ Verykool SL5000

5. The listed below firmware versions have been added to 
the fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database:
♦ BLU Dash: Q106_BLU_R16_0.0.19
♦ ZTE F116: BEM_SL_P640A30V1.0.0B03-S
♦ ZTE V9a: GB_CLARO_CA_V9AV1.0.0B06

We have added Repair Security Area feature for Huawei Ascend G600 (U8950D)

7. Smart-Clip2 root solution has been significantly updated

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