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We're Very proud to announce the release of MFC 1.2.9 beta. This update adds new functionality to your MFC Dongle. 

Changelogs for MFC Dongle V1.2.9 beta ?

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Change iDevice Tools to iMFC

Add iDevice information fast detecting (IMEI/MEID/UDID/ECID) function
Add Jailbreak phone status checking
Add Multi iDevices (5 pieces) operating in same time (World First)
Add history recording / checking by Real-time logs
Add support all iDevice custom IPSW flash
Add iDevice status (Normal / Recovery/ Restore etc) display during opreating
Add Backup iDevice SHSH file function
For Jailbreak iDevice
Add one button delete iCloud Account
Add SSH tunnel function to using USB Cable managerment phone Data
Add Bruteforce SSH passcode function (World First)
Add hide / show application icon function(World First)
Add Change iDevice model information function
Add Hotspot ON/OFF function
Add Backup all iDevice data in one time(World First)
MFC software interface changed
Other small reported bugs fixed

We recommend all customers to upgrade to this latest version 1.2.9 beta. The downloaded version of the software is available now, You can download from support page with valid account.

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