Sigma Software v.2.13.01 Setup Download

Sigma Software v 2.13.01

Unofficial support site By Welcome Zone Haldwani

Another free update!
44 months of free updates and support for all Sigma users!

World's exclusive Direct unlock / Read unlock codes / IMEI repair for:

♦ Huawei Ascend Y625-U13
♦ Huawei Ascend Y625-U21
♦ Huawei Ascend Y625-U32
♦ Huawei Ascend Y625-U43

This smartphone is supposed to be unlocked via the diagnostic port on Qcom tab. 
Please follow the corresponding manual here

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You can gear up the process! Help us to find more sp-locked devices! 
Just fill out this form and let’s improve Sigma software together! 

Download Sigma Software v2.13 01

Find out more at: www.sigmakey. com

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