ORT JTAG ORT Plus V 2.04 Setup Download

[21 March 2016]

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Description : 
ORT Plus V2.04 Released
Release Notes:
News :
STM32F103 CPU Supported
STM32F103 NAND Support Added
STM32F207 CPU Supported
STM32F207 NAND Support Added
"016G92" FlashID:0x3136473911010030,SubFlashID:0x6C87101232 309719
"MBG4GA"FlashID:0x424734471501004D,SubFlashID:0xE5 B7307441044D09
"H8G2D" FlashID:0x3847326490014A48,SubFlashID:0x0A7B201E04 01004B
Partition Extract Process improved
You can now operate with following devices with ORT JTAG 2.04 !
ORT Plus V2.04 Expand Your Business
Advanced EFS Repair
ORT Repair files had already included EFS repair for many Samsung Phones for years !!
You do not need to download anything for that it is just inside the repair files .
Universal JTAG Programmer
ORT JTAG has always been Universal JTAG Programmer for the supported CPUs
We do not limit you with the model list you can work with any model as long as you have the correct connection
Free eMMC Repair Tool with ORT JTAG
Free eMMC Support is provided with eMMC Booster
eMMC Booster is Free with ORT JTAG Pro Edition

ORT Team News and Blog : 

JTAG Finder Started
Service Database for your center
eMMC Booster - Faster than Fastest !

ORT-JTAG - The Real JTAG'gers


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