NCK Dongle Android MTK v Setup Download

NCK Dongle Android MTK Module v2.5.6.5 Update Fix Released - [22/04/2016]

Unofficial Support Site by Welcome Zone Haldwani

 - Fixed Bug with Saving backup on non English Windows Versions
- Other Minor Bugs Fix
- Improved Flashing For CPU MT65xx
- Improved IMEI Repair For CPU MT67xx
- More Firmwares Uploaded to Support

Download Area:

Index of /DownloadArea

Parent Directory
NCKDongle_2015_ALL_IN_ONE_ Setup.exe
NCKDongle_CDMA_Module_v 3.1.exe
NCKDongle_Logger_v 1.6.exe
NCKDongle_Main_Module_v 17.7.exe
NCKDongle_Samsung_Module_v 0.8.2.exe
NCK_Dongle_Generic_MTK_Module_v 1.45.exe

Please Note that we are working on moving the site to different server in near future so bare with us if you h
ave any issue with current one.

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