Download Intex USB Drivers for all Models

Download Intex USB Drivers for all Models


1 Intex Aqua Active DOWNLOAD
2 Intex Aqua Curve DOWNLOAD
3 Intex Aqua Glory DOWNLOAD
4 Intex Aqua HD  DOWNLOAD
5 Intex Aqua i2DOWNLOAD
6 Intex Aqua i4   DOWNLOAD
7 Intex Aqua i5  DOWNLOAD
8 Intex Aqua i5 HDDOWNLOAD
9 Intex Aqua i6 DOWNLOAD
10 Intex Aqua i7 DOWNLOAD
11 Intex Aqua i15DOWNLOAD
12 Intex Aqua Marvel+ DOWNLOAD
13 Intex Aqua N2 DOWNLOAD
14 Intex Aqua N4DOWNLOAD
15 Intex Aqua N8 DOWNLOAD
16 Intex Aqua Octa DOWNLOAD
17 Intex Aqua Qwerty DOWNLOAD
18 Intex Aqua Star DOWNLOAD
19 Intex Aqua Style  DOWNLOAD
20 Intex Aqua Superb DOWNLOAD
21 Intex Aqua Wonder DOWNLOAD
22 Intex Aqua Wonder Quad CoreDOWNLOAD
23 Intex Cloud X1DOWNLOAD
24 Intex Cloud X1+ DOWNLOAD
25 Intex Cloud X2 DOWNLOAD
26 Intex Cloud X3+ DOWNLOAD
27 Intex Cloud X4 DOWNLOAD
28 Intex Cloud X5 DOWNLOAD
29 Intex Cloud X11DOWNLOAD
30 Intex Cloud X12DOWNLOAD
31 Intex Cloud Y1 DOWNLOAD
32Intex Cloud Y2DOWNLOAD
33 Intex Cloud Y3 DOWNLOAD
34 Intex Cloud Y4 DOWNLOAD
35 Intex Cloud Y4+ DOWNLOAD
36 Intex Cloud Y5 DOWNLOAD
37 Intex Cloud Y7DOWNLOAD
38 Intex Cloud Y11 DOWNLOAD
39Intex Cloud Y12DOWNLOAD
40 Intex Cloud Y13+ DOWNLOAD
41 Intex Cloud Y17 DOWNLOAD
42 Intex Cloud Z5 DOWNLOAD
43 Intex Cloud Z6 DOWNLOAD

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If your Device is not listed above then Download the INTEX USB Driver from the below link (works for all INTEX device)
               DOWNLOAD   LINK 1  LINK 2


  1. how to download aqua fish usb driver

  2. hi, i am using Intex Aqua 4.5 pro mobile. can anyone suggest me the right OEM usb drivers to download??